High-Availability Reduces Chance of System Downtime

Businesses rely on data resources and business applications for their daily operations, just like people rely on their personal cell phones to be available to call, text, get directions, etc.

Having continued access to critical data is crucial for businesses. Simply put, systems need to have high availability (HA). The main goal of high availability is to significantly reduce any chance of system downtime, or unavailability. Downtime can have many negative effects on businesses. The biggest negative effect is loss of sales/revenue. Studies have found that data center outages can have a cost per minute of over $7,000, which can add up very quickly. Other negative effects of downtime include loss of productivity, unhappy customers, and bad public relations. In summary, downtime is bad and high availability is good.

High Availability Systems

The good news is, there are high availability systems that are here to help and make everything run smoothly behind the scenes. Although not all HA systems are created equal, some of the main features to look for are: built-in preventative measures, failure monitoring and detection, fast recoverability, and data protection to ensure little to no loss of your precious cargo. High availability systems should be part of every company’s disaster recovery plan. They are like health insurance for your technology infrastructure.

High Availability Helps

High availability systems help any enterprise with data that is critical to their business operation. HA serves as a preventative measure for a company’s disaster recovery plan. Most businesses also have recovery time and recovery point objectives, which high availability can help meet with fast recoverability. Companies in the service industry usually have service level agreements with a technical section. It is important that your HA system meets your needs by ensuring timely detection and recovery if a service disruption occurs. A good HA system should also eliminate single points of failure (SPOFs) to increase reliability. High availability systems can save companies a lot of money and stress and thus will prove to have a good return on investment. The best HA systems also have a low total cost of ownership and a high lifetime value.

If you’re ready for a high availability system that will protect your company from loss of revenue when access to data resources and critical business applications are disrupted, check out our high availability server hardware HA201-TP and HA401-LB2. They are optimized for mission-critical, enterprise-level storage applications and are a great investment for the protection of your technology infrastructure.

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