AIC's JBOD enlsoures for network security and data storage

Network Security and Data Storage

As companies from small to large begin to grow into their need for reliable and convenient storage solutions, the need for secure access to the data they are storing grows as well. For example, in November of 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment was hit with a Denial of Service attack, overloading their servers. Their employees were prevented from doing their jobs and, more importantly, several of their highest level projects and internal company data had been stolen and leaked to the internet. This is just one example of why network and storage security is of critical importance to companies around the world.

Fortunately, there are several options available to companies for their storage needs. All of them have their areas of strength and areas that need improvement; however, in terms of security, there are a couple of options that stand out and should be considered when looking for storage solutions:

• The Cloud

This solution is by far the easiest to find since it is all done online. For those on a limited IT budget, Cloud Storage is ideal as there are no physical drives to maintain or networking problems. It also provides a decent way to backup information off-site, meaning that data would be safe from fire, natural disaster, or physical theft.

However, there are some substantial drawbacks for those companies that do not have stable, high-bandwidth internet connections. Storing large files requires equally large amounts of bandwidth. Additionally, privacy is an ever-present issue as the storage provider is responsible for security. This means that unauthorized persons or even entire governments can access that data depending on the situation.

A secondary consideration is the cost of cloud storage. These may seem small upfront; however, those costs do not scale with companies over time. If a company scales rapidly, the incremental costs may build up when they aren’t expected.


Just a Bunch of Disks, or JBOD for short.

AIC's JBODs are modular. In other words, it is easily swappable in case of failure and troubleshooting while the system is running and easily expandable when a company scales. This allows JBOD systems to be more flexible in their implementation depending on a company's needs, allowing for either singular access to the drive, or network-wide access as long as they are connected to the network. Compared to Cloud Storage, this makes for similar accessibility without the need for large amounts of bandwidth and provides a more secure way to access information.

AIC’s JBOD enclosures allow for the amount of redundancy you choose. You can hook many enclosures to more than one server, allowing you to back up you most important data in multiple ways.

Companies will need these types of solutions now more than ever, and AIC is committed to offering digital storage solutions with efficiency and security in mind for your business needs.

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