JBOD introduction and its use for business data storage

Because of the internet’s increase in accessibility to customers, employees, and partners, businesses today have more methods to collect data than ever before. This has led to complications in the storage of this data and prioritization of which data must be most accessible.

Fortunately, storage technology is advancing with data accumulation techniques, so businesses have lots of options when it comes to data storage and management. AIC provides a variety of JBOD enclosures with custom options to meet your data storage needs.

JBOD, or “Just a Bunch of Disks” systems are literally collections of disk drives that can be accessed as separate drives from a single host computer or server. A JBOD enclosure actually lets you manage the drives based on your configuration. Drives can be managed individually, as one group or several groups, and with or without RAID functions. JBOD is simple to understand and set up, and offers endless customization and expansion options when your data needs increase. Some great traits of JBOD are:

  • Tight control of data storage
  • Strict management of backup strategies
  • Flexibility in workflow
  • Easy expansion of storage capacity

Though JBOD can refer to any collection of storage disks connected to one computer, enterprise usage requires greater organization and functionality. This is where enclosures like those that AIC offers come in.

When it comes to data security, most companies’ main concerns boil down to the following points:

  • Storage Space: Do we have room for all of the data we need to store?
  • Ease of Access: Can data easily be accessed by those who need to access it?
  • Security:  Is the data accessible only to authorized parties? Is the data backed up appropriately to prevent loss?

Storage Space:

Based on your organization’s needs, you can purchase enclosures with space for 12, 16, 24, or even more disks. Multiple JBOD enclosures can be daisy-chained down from the same server, allowing for scalability over time. Multiple JBODs enclosures can also be hooked up to the same server to form a fan-out configuration that provides scalability and maximum bandwidth for performance at the same time. Businesses are given the flexibility to invest as they grow.

Ease of Access:

JBOD systems are easy to organize. You can assign each drive the level of accessibility it needs, so hot data and cold data are stored appropriately. Our enclosures are compatible with all mainstream parts, and also allow for RAID functionality. This allows you the options to choose the equipment necessary for your business needs.


Data stored in JBOD enclosures will only be accessible by connected computers. This leads to less accessibility than cloud storage, but more control over who has access.

SAS drives can be shared by two units at the same time. This allows for data redundancy and protection for data loss. You can hook up your JBOD enclosure to multiple servers, and even hook up multiple host adapters to each network so that if anything gets lost, your data is still backed up.

Enclosures are set up to allow “hot swapping”, meaning that you can switch drives, expander modules and FRU parts out while the system is running. This allows for easy repair and troubleshooting.

JBOD allows you to attach more drives to a single server than many companies will ever even need. With today’s data compilation abilities, JBOD is a scalable system that allows simple, accessible, and secure data storage.  

See Trevor Pott’s review of AIC’s XJ3000-4243S external disk chassis for a comprehensive walk-through of how to set up and use our JBOD enclosures and his experience with the system.


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