JBOD as data storage solutions for video surveillance

Improvements in video surveillance systems are making it easier for companies of all sizes to protect their employees, customers, property, and inventory.

Today’s surveillance technology is able to capture images with higher definition and resolution than ever before. This is great for businesses, as it results in more useful surveillance footage. It does, however, result in larger files needing long-term storage.

While some businesses try to limit their storage by only saving surveillance footage containing movement, it’s been shown that footage without movement can also be useful in proving what has and hasn’t occurred in a retail space.

Other businesses limit the amount of time they keep their surveillance footage in order to free up storage space for more recent recordings. This can have negative results, as sometimes evidence is needed for events that occurred weeks or even months prior. There is no standard for how long businesses keep footage; it ranges from 30 days with some companies to years with others.

If best practice would be to keep as much surveillance footage as possible for as long as possible, what is the best solution for businesses to keep important footage easily accessible and keep less relevant data around without over-taxing your storage system?

Of course, there are a lot of options, but the best storage systems provide several levels of storage, allowing you to keep important data readily available at high speed, while archiving less important data.

AIC’s JBOD storage enclosures are built to be expandable. You can use both JBOD and RAID settings, and utilize anywhere from 4 bays to 60. Fewer bays will give you more distributed computing power, while larger, high-density storage options are ideal for archiving video footage long term.

AIC’s JBOD storage enclosures are compatible with industry – leading hardware from a variety of brands, meaning you can build upon your current system. You also don’t have to worry about future changes ruining your setup; even if you change hardware, your equipment will work with AIC’s enclosures.

Storing video surveillance long term may seem like a costly hassle, but advances in digital storage are making solutions more affordable than ever.  It is estimated that HDD storage efficiency doubles every two years, while the cost of storage is reduced by 50%. This allows businesses to focus on storing their surveillance footage in the way that best meets their needs without making large sacrifices for cost.

An effective surveillance storage solution is one that is customized to your business’s needs. With AIC's JBOD enclosures, you can control the amount of storage space, assign different levels of accessibility to different drives, and revamp your system as often as needed. All components are hot-swappable and can be as redundant as you need them.  Your video surveillance storage system can be safe, reliable and affordable.

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