AIC's JBOD Enclosure Series

How AIC’s JBOD Enclosures Can Help You Manage Growing Data

In today’s ever-expanding market of enterprise storage solutions, AIC’s JBOD enclosures offer businesses reliable, scalable data storage at an affordable cost.

Since the needs of every enterprise vary, AIC’s JBOD enclosures allow for flexibility and scalability according to your business needs. These enclosures are designed to be attached to a server with a RAID controller or HBA. AIC’s enclosures are compatible with all mainstream servers, allowing you to choose the brands you prefer and build a data storage system that meets your needs.

AIC currently offers several lines of JBOD enclosures, each with a special set of functions to meet your needs.

• Mainstream JBOD

Our Mainstream line of JBOD enclosures is our most popular line, as it meets the needs for a broad spectrum of applications. We have divided the enclosures into two sectors, SAS 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s, which users can choose based on their budget and performance requirements. Many clients choose the SAS12Gb/s to account for future growth.

• Ultra Density JBOD

Our ultra-density JBOD enclosures are optimized for maximum raw data capacity. One of the models supports tiering, allowing you different performance levels in the same unit. Whether your goal is to record fast data or capture as much data from the server as possible, our ultra-density models can meet both your long-term and short-term storage needs. The large capacity of our ultra-density JBOD models is ideal for backup and archiving purposes.

• Entry Level JBOD

Our entry-level JBOD enclosures are primarily built-to-order and allow for large deployment and units. These models are ideal for large storage requirements without the need for redundancy. In security and video surveillance applications where you need footage to be reliably stored, our entry-level options can provide all the space you need with great cost-savings when compared to mainstream and ultra-density options that have more redundancy and functionality than you require.

AIC’s Differentiators

All of AIC’s product lines are designed, manufactured and maintained in-house. We design our JBOD enclosures as JBODs from the beginning, keeping the depths short and allowing for more functionality than manufacturers who repurpose their storage chassis. Our firmware is designed in-house and all major components are hot-swappable, allowing for easy repair. All of our models provide high-availability, with the redundancy built in from the beginning. Our JBOD enclosures can be used with any mainstream servers. You’re never tied to a specific brand or model when you want to expand or replace parts.

Since everything is created in-house, we create custom enclosures that meet your needs. If you’re looking for a simple, scalable data storage solution, you won’t be disappointed with all of the options AIC offers.

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